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Static Electricity Kit


Working Principle - Law of charges

Static electricity is a non-moving charge. It builds up in a place invisibly. This could be any surface e.g. a band, a PVC pipe etc. You only see it once you come close to it and feel a shock. After getting out of your car, have you got a shock while closing its door. Well, that is static electricity. The aim of this experiment is to understand this concept.

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  • You get to see that the static electricity is governed by the charges on particles: they are either positive charges i.e. positive protons or negative electrons. Similar charges i.e. (+ and +) or ( – and -) repel each other and opposite charges i.e. (+ and -) attract each other.
  • This experiment provides the reason why, while combing your hair, the hair stand up, when the comb was brought close to the head.
  • Correlation between theory and practical becomes easier.


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