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Pharmacy Lab

We are a Pharmacy lab equipment manufacturer served more than 50+ pharma colleges across India. We have customized Pharmacy lab packages for affiliation. Let our lab consultants help you to finalize the pharmacy lab equipment as per your requirement and budgets.

Onsite installation and demonstration of all the Lab equipment and apparatus are included in the package. 

Our products are LK secured, which means all the lab instruments are covered under one year of onsite warranty and technical support. Further, any damage during transit will be covered by us. 

We have covered most of the equipment that is used in Pharmacy related experiments. Broadly categorizing, they are Actophotometer, Ampule Devices, Analgesiometer, Antibiotic Zone Reader, Autoclave, Ball Mill, Bottle Filling Machine, Bottle Sealing Machine, Bottle Washing Machine, Bulk Density Apparatus, Capsule Filling Machine, Convulsiometer, Disintegrator, Distillation Apparatus, Double Cone Blender, Hot Air Oven, Kymograph, Laminar Air Flow Unit, Organ Bath, Pariemeter, Pole Climbing Apparatus, Refractometer, Rheometer, Rota Rod, Sieve Shaker, Tablet Coating Pan, Tablet Counter, Tablet Disintegration Test Apparatus, Tablet Dissolution Apparatus, Tablet Friability Test Apparatus, Tablet Hardness Tester, Tablet Making Machine, Tele Thermometer, Viscometer, Water DeIonizer, and other Pharmacy accessories.

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