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Optics, thermodynamics, electricity, magnetism, kinetics - Physics is in everything! And so are the Labkafe Physics STEM kits, available for kids in classes 1 to 10. Labkafe supplies to all states all pincodes, for schools colleges research institutes company labs working under any board any curriculum. We are a trusted brand in lab equipment, apparatus, glassware, consumables and other lab supplies across India and beyond. With STEM kits, robotics kits, drone kits and more, Labkafe is bringing advanced methods of modern education in India.

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Labkafe Physics Equipment Kit
Labkafe Physics Equipment Kit

₹25,000 ₹35,000

Magic RGB Cubes DIY Kit New
Fidget Generator DIY Kit New
Pulley System DIY Kit New
Elastic Powered Boat New
Charkha Generator DIY Kit New
Magnetic Brake DIY Kit New
Magnetic Brake DIY Kit


Screw Jack DIY Kit New
Screw Jack DIY Kit


Hydraulic Arm Lift DIY Kit New
Catapult DIY Kit New
Catapult DIY Kit


Solar Reading Lamp DIY Kit New
Solenoid Engine DIY Kit New
Toy Telescope DIY Kit New
Tesla Coil DIY Kit New
Tesla Coil DIY Kit


Motion Car DIY Kit New
Motion Car DIY Kit


Twin Pendulum DIY Kit New
Twin Pendulum DIY Kit


Air Powered Car New
Air Powered Car


Hydraulic Arm New
Hydraulic Arm


Wind Powered Crane New
Wind Powered Crane


Kaleidoscope Making Kit New
Working Model of Tornedo New