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Ray Box (Lenses Kit)


Working Principle - Laws of reflection and refraction.

Light interacts with different mediums by transmission including refraction , absorption or scattering. it depends on the medium. While doing so light follows a set of laws i.e. for reflection , refraction etc.
Aim of this experiment is to show the peculiarities of light when passing through different shapes of glass.

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Categories: Stem Lab, Physics

Tags: DIY Projects, Ray Box (Lenses Kit), Stem projects

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  • A useful manipulative in understanding the laws of reflection, refraction.
  • It is a experiment that verifies Snell’s law of refraction, Refraction of light travelling from air to glass and vice-versa.
  • Students will be able to
     explain what is happening when light is refracted.
     observe and describe images seen through a convex lens and a concave lens.


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