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LABKAFE Laboratory Steel Furniture Side bench with rack and table top

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Categories: Lab Furniture, Lab Bench

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Type of Lab furnitureSide bench with rack and table top
Type of Frame for installation of benchC type frame
Type of laboratories furniture and allied accessoriesModular
Cabinet designFacilitating future equipment retrofits and full reconfigurations without requiring any major modification to the structure
Ground clearance ± 5 mm25 mm
Table back bottom skirtingN.A
Rear panelN.A
Provision of Electrical racewayYes
Provision of Electrical pointsYes
Provision of modular type reagent rackN.A
Provision of Electrical service panelsSlideable type
Provision of Gas service panelsN.A
Provision of VerticalsN.A
Verticals (single)N.A
Verticals (double)N.A
Mini Vertical Service channel connectorN.A
Provision of blower (to remove airborne contaminants)No
Provision of ducting (for purpose of ventilation)No
Scope of supply (offer price to include all cost components)Furnishing/Installation all the laboratories furnitures and allied accessories along with the supporting structures
Transportation /freight chargesOffer prices are on free delivery at consignee site
Approval of laboratory layout planAfter award of contract, seller shall have to get submitted layout plan within 10 days to get approved from buyer. Buyer shall convey his approval or otherwise within 10 days after submission of layout plan. If there is delay in approval of plan from buyer side, the D.P shall be regularized for the period of delay in plan approval


Type of FrameC type Frame - One piece Deep Drawn moulded in EDD CRCA Ç’ frame work with 50 mm width x 50 mm height and epoxy powder coated with self adjusting levellers (No tubular construction) – 2 numbers per table
Each moulded C frame leg have a load carrying capacity600 Kgs.
Material of FrameGalvanized (Zinc coated) GI steel sheet double skin pass
Thickness of Frame1.2 mm
Cabinets body (casing) materialGI steel sheets
Thickness of Cabinet frame cover panel1.2 mm
Base Cabinets UDL (uniformly distributed load)300 Kgs
Drawers support brackets shelves slides thickness1.1 mm
Side cover panels material1.1 mm
Side cover panels thickness1.1 mm
Handles thickness1.1 mm
Sandwich type metal shutters (within filled sound deadening material) made up ofGI steel sheets epoxy powder coated
Sandwich type metal shutters thickness1.1 mm
Shelves and Drawers load carrying capacity40 Kgs
Overall load carrying capacity of Cabinet80 Kg (40 Kgs. On each shelf and 40 Kgs. On bottom)
Rear panel materialGI steel sheets epoxy powder coated
Rear panel material thickness1.1 mm
Vertical construction (for reagent racksN.A
Verticals provided withN.A
Each Verticals with Nylon levellers bolts (for levelling)N.A
All Verticals with top caps in plasticN.A
Reagent shelves bracket made up ofN.A
Glass for framed sliding and swinging doorsN.A
Glass for reagent shelf’sN.A
Drawers and Doors pullsMade up of aluminium presser die cast (PDC) handles
Minimum length of handle320 mm epoxy powder coated
HingesMade up of SS 304 5 digit knuckle butt hinges (at least 95 degree opening) compliant to SEFA 8M standard
Minimum thickness of hinges raw material2 mm
Number of hinges for shutters / doors under 36 inches in heightN.A
Number of hinges for shutters / doors over 36 inches in heightN.A
“O” ring over the lock barrelN.A
Shelf supportsPower coated shelf support clips
Drawer slidesN.A
Legs made up of2.5 mm thick EDD quality GI steel square having 2.5 mm wall thickness
Leg size50 mm x 50 mm
Service pipe supportsL type supports duly perforated
Service pipe supports made up of32 mm x 2 mm thick GI flats slotted at a particular pitch epoxy coated
Work topsAcid resistant granite 18 mm thick
Colour of work topJet black
Granites edgesN.A
Worktop placed on4 mm thick neoprene rubber stop back (placed in between table tops and table frames work
Electrical pointsProvided with one number of 3 Module Plate having 5/15Amps combined switch and 2 sets of sockets
Modular type reagent rackN.A


Size of side benches/Island benches (LxWxH)900 mm X 1500 mm X 900 mm
C Type Fixed Under Bench Cabinet size500 mm x 500 mm x 540 mm (having one door, one drawer and one adjustable/removable shelf)
C Type Sliding Under Bench Cabinet size500 mm x 500 mm x 540 mm (having one door, one drawer and one adjustable/removable shelf)
Electrical raceway size150 mm(H) x 150 mm(W) x 1550 mm
Electrical service panels slideable size200 mm (H) x 150 mm(W) x 1550 mm
Size of VerticalsN.A


Sink made up ofN.A
Sink SizeN.A
Number of SinkN.A
Water fittingN.A
Splash guardN.A
Peg boardN.A
Eye Wash fountain (table mounted)N.A
Storage unitN.A


Exhaust systemN.A
Fan made up ofN.A
Condensate drain tubeN.A
Air suction CapacityN.A
Fan mounted onN.A
Motor speedN.A
Casing made up ofN.A
Impeller (forward curved centrifugal type) made up ofN.A


Ducting made up ofN.A
Size of ductingN.A


Stool with backrestNo
Revolving type stoolNo
Provision of adjustable heightN.A
At bottom of legs of stoolN.A
Seat made up ofN.A
Backrest made up ofN.A
Provision of prongs legsN.A
Colour shade of the tableN.A


Furniture finish ( C frame, GI steel sheet and Aluminum alloy structure) except table topEpoxy powder coated
Making and drilling holes in table top for accommodating the electrical gasYes
Dry Film thickness (test by Elecometer or DFT meter as per ASTM-D 1186-93, IS 13871 : 1993, IS 101)35 micron (minimum)
Gloss at 600 reflection (test by Gloss meter as per ASTM-D 523-89 RA 1994 ISO 2813, DIN-67530, IS 13871:1993, IS 101)70 ± 5 units
Scratch hardness [test by Scratch hardness tester as per BS-3900PART E2 1970 , IS 101 (part-5/SEC-2) 1988, IS 13871 : 1993]3 Kgs
Impact resistance (Test by Impact tester as per ASTM-D2794-93, BS-3900 Part E3 1979, IS 101, JIS K 5400 – 1979, IS 13871 : 1993)275 Kg.cm
Cross cut adhesion (Test method : DIN 53151 , ISO 2409 , ASTM D 3002 ASTM D 3359 JIS K 5400-1979, IS 13871 : 1993)1x1 mm
Flexibility (test by Cylinderical mandrel bending tester as per DIN-53152, ISO 1519 ASTM D 522 BS 3900 Part E1, IS 101 Part-5 SEC-2 1988)3.25 mm
Erichsen Cupping (Test by Erichsen Cupping tester as per JIS K-5400-1990, IS 101 (part5 Sec2) 1988, IS 13871 : 19938 mm
Salt Spray (Test by Salt Spray chamber as per IS 101 (part 6 Sec 1) 1988, ASTM B117-95, IS 13871:19931000 hours


Availability of Test certificate of the furniture system as per SEFA 8M duly certified by SEFA approved laboratory to prove conformity of products to the specificationNo
Test Report Number - Must declare, if test report availableOLSC-123
Name of the Lab - must declare, if test report availableOLSC


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