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ISC Chemistry Lab Equipment Package (for class XI-XII)


Perfect for conducting all the ISC Chemistry experiments for class XI-XII with all the necessary equipment. Designed by professionals, this package can be used by a class of 30 students at the same time.  
This package contains list of chemistry lab equipment, chemistry lab apparatus, glassware and chemicals required for high school as per ISC syllabus.  
Onsite installation and demonstration of all the chemistry lab equipment and apparatus is included in the package.  
Our products are LK secured, that means all the chemistry lab instruments are covered under one year of onsite warranty and technical support. Further any damage during transit will be covered by us.


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Chemistry (Equipment)
78 LKBI 010/1 FORCEPS (Stainless Steel), 5" Blunt / Pointed (Anyone) 4 Each
79 LKBI 051/3 WATCH GLASS Dia 3" (Superior Quality Per Dozen) 2 Pkt
80 LKCH 007/1 BLOW PIPE (BRASS), 8" Heavy With Nozzle. 6 Each
81 LKCH 008/4 BUCHNER FUNNEL (Porcelain), Dia 4" 4 Each
82 LKCH 009/2 BUNSEN BURNER (Brass Pipe 150mm & dia.12mm) Superior, With Stop Cock (Heavy Base). 10 Each
83 LKCH 010 BURETTE BRUSH (Nylon). 4 Each
84 LKCH 013 BURETTE STAND WITH CLAMP (Metallic), Superior Quality (Sheet Metal) Adjustable Base 7"x5"x24". 6 Each
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Chemistry (Chemicals)
183 LKH11229 Hydrochloric acid (Thermocole pack) - 35%, 500 ml
For Safety Purpose pack is provided
4 Each
184 LKN10730 Nitric acid (Thermocole pack)-70 %, 500 ml
For Safety Purpose pack is provided
4 Each
185 LKS15130 Sulphuric acid (Thermocole pack)-97 %, 500 ml
For Safety Purpose pack is provided
4 Each
186 LKCH 038 MAGNESIUM RIBBON, 25 Gm 2 Each
187 LKD10809 2,4 - Dinitro phenylhydrazine, 25 gm 1 Each
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