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ISC Biology Lab Equipment Package (for class XI-XII)


Perfect for conducting all the ISC Biology experiments for class XI-XII with all the necessary equipment. Designed by professionals, this package can be used by a class of 30 students at the same time.  
This package contains list of biology equipment required for high school as per ISC syllabus.  
Onsite installation and demonstration of all the Biology lab equipment and apparatus is included in the package.  
Our products are LK secured, that means all the Biology lab instruments are covered under one year of onsite warranty and technical support. Further any damage during transit will be covered by us.


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SKUItems DescriptionQtyUnit 
Biology (Equipment) 
LKBI 013/2HUMAN SKELETON, Full size (Fibre), Superior Quality1Each 
LKBI 014HUMAN SKELTON STAND, (Metallic).1Each 
LKBI 052/1AMOEBA ON BOARD 10"X15"1Each 
LKBI 052/14HUMAN EYE, Eye Model on Stand1Each 
LKBI 052/16AHUMAN HEART, Jumbo Human Heart on BASE (4 parts Dissectible)1Each 
LKBI 052/21 FHUMAN REPRODUCTIVE SYSTEM FEMALE, Model on Board 10"x15"1Each 
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Biology (Chemicals) 
LKH11229Hydrochloric acid (Thermocole pack) - 35%, 500 ml 
For Safety Purpose pack is provided
LKN10730Nitric acid (Thermocole pack)-70 %, 500 ml 
For Safety Purpose pack is provided
LKE30809Eosin yellow M.S. (Dye content - 88%) (Water soluble), 25 gm1Each 
LKE10117EDTA (Acid) - 99%, 100 gm1Each 
LKT70817Tris-buffer A.R. - 99.8%, 100 gm1Each 
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