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ICSE Lab Package (for class IX-X)



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1LK11151Beaker (Printed Graduation) 50 ml 'POLYLAB'1Each
2LKBT 008/2HOT PLATE 8" ROUND (Electric), With Energy Regulator1Each
3LKCH 019/5CONDENSER CLAMP, Made of casted alloy, Prongs cross over one 
another, with 8x175mm mild steel chrome plated rod. Holds upto 75mm Dia., 4 Finger Aluminium Condenser Clamp (Cork Lined)
4LKCH 019/2CLAMP & BOSSHEAD, Dipress, (Universal Clamp) Holds upto 50mm Dia.2Each
5LKCH 112/1BEAKER Graduated, 'B.G.', 100ml6Each
6LKCH 112/3BEAKER Graduated, 'B.G.', 250ml6Each
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77LKCH 142/2ATOMIC MODEL SET 'POLYLAB', (Junior) 75 Balls & 37 Connecting Lugs1Each
78LKCHM 09MODELS FOR DISPLAY (In Acrylic Showcase), Orbit of Atom Model1Each
79LKCHM 10MODELS FOR DISPLAY (In Acrylic Showcase), Hydro Carbon Model (Set of 5)1Each
80LKBI 051/3WATCH GLASS Dia 3" (Superior Quality Per Dozen)1Pkt
81LKCH 002/1ANALYTICAL BALANCE (Chemical Balance) Double Pan, Varanasi Make 'Sunshine',Superior Quality1Each
82LKCH 003/3ANALYTICAL WEIGHT BOX (Brass C.P.), Capacity 1mg to 200gms.1Each
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145LKC40356Cobalt chloride test paper, 200 ls1Each
146LKL40856Litmus blue indicator paper, 200 Is1Pkt
147LKL40956Litmus red indicator paper, 200 Is1Pkt
148LKS44956Starch iodide paper, 200 Is1Each
149LKS11109Silver nitrate - 99.8%, 25 gm1Each
150LKC10017Copper metal turnings - 99%, 100 gm1Each
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196LKBI 013/2HUMAN SKELETON, Full size (Fibre), Superior Quality1Each
197LKBI 014HUMAN SKELTON STAND, (Metallic).1Each
198LKBI 021BCOMPOUND MICROSCOPE (STUDENT), Two eyepiece 10x, 15x & two objectives 10x, 40x, with fixed condenser, MICRON Make (KG-2) `ISI Marked' (Thermocole Box)4Each
199LKBI 052/10AHUMAN BRAIN, 4 Parts Dissectible (On Base) (Model)1Each
200LKBI 052/14HUMAN EYE, Eye Model on Stand1Each
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327LKC40356Cobalt chloride test paper, 200 ls1Each
328LKE30109Egg albumin flakes (Protein - 95%), 25 gm1Each
329LKE30809Eosin yellow M.S. (Dye content - 88%) (Water soluble), 25 gm1Each
330LKM41809Methyl violet M.S. (Dye content - 75%), 25 gm1Each
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