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Stem Lab

Are your kids always on the mobile phone? 

Get them these fun science projects instead to play with. Each of these projects areage specific and are meant to build on the learnings being taught in schools. Kids will learn while playing with these projects. Each projects can perform more than 3 diferent activities.

Labkafe supplies to all states all pincodes, for schools colleges research institutes company labs working under any board any curriculum. We are a trusted brand in lab equipment, apparatus, glassware, consumables and other lab supplies across India and beyond. With STEM kits, robotics kits, drone kits and more, Labkafe is bringing advanced methods of modern education India.

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Ray Box (Lenses Kit) New
Ray Box (Lenses Kit)


Working of Switch




Density of Material Kit New
Working of LED New
Working of LED


Levitation of  Pencil New
Magic Sand DIY Kit New
Magic Sand DIY Kit


Magic Snow DIY Kit New
Magic Snow DIY Kit


Rapid Oxidation DIY Kit New
Fireproof Balloons New
Fireproof Balloons


Lemon Battery DIY Kit New
Electroplating DIY Kit New
Water Filter DIY Kit New
Chromatography DIY Kit New
pH Scale DIY Kit New
pH Scale DIY Kit