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D.Pharmacy Lab Equipment Package

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₹1,126,743.00 (tax incl.)

Perfect for conducting all the experiments for D.Pharma  college with all the necessary equipment as per affiliation norms by the Pharmacy Council Of India. Designed by professionals, this package can be used by a class of 30 students at the same time.

Onsite installation and demonstration of all the Pharmacy lab equipment and apparatus are included in the package. 

Our products are LK secured, which means all the Pharmacy lab instruments are covered under one year of onsite warranty and technical support. Further, any damage during transit will be covered by us. 

As a D.Pharmacy Lab equipment manufacturer and supplier, we assure optimum quality lab products at competitive manufacturing rates.

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D. Pharmacy Lab Equipment list
Continuous Hot Extraction  Equipment 05
Conical Percolator 05
Tincture Press 01
Hand Grinding  Mill 01
Disintegrator 01
Ball mill 01
Hand operated Tablet machine 01
Tablet Coating Pan unit with hot air blower
laboratory  size
Polishing  pan laboratory  size 01
Monsanto’s  hardness tester 01
Pfizer type hardness tester 01
Tablet disintegration  test apparatus IP 01
Tablet dissolution test apparatus IP 01
Granulating  sieve set 10
Tablet counter  – small size 05
Friability tester 01
Collapsible tube – Filling and sealing equipment 01
Capsule  filling machine  – Lab size 01
Digital balance 01
Distillation unit for distilled water 02
Deionisation  unit 01
Glass distillation unit for water for injection 01
Ampoule  washing  machine 01
Ampoule  filling and sealing machine 01
Sintered glass filters for bacterial  proof filtration
(four different  grades)
Millipore  filter (3 grades) Adequate
Autoclave 01
Hot air sterilizer 01
Incubator 01
Aseptic cabinet 01
Ampoule clarity test equipment 01
Blender 01
Sieves set (Pharmacopoeial  standard) 02
Lab Centrifuge 01
Ointment  slab Adequate
Ointment  spatula Adequate
Pestle and mortar porcelain Adequate
Pestle and mortar glass Adequate
Suppository  moulds of three sizes Adequate
Refrigerator 01
And Many More lab items are there. Please contact us for the full list of Pharmacy Lab equipment list

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