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10 Reasons to choose Labkafe for School Lab Supply

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May 24, 2022 / By Swarna Karmakar / in Execution Company

10 Reasons to choose Labkafe for School Lab Supply

School laboratories like composite lab, science lab, physics lab, chemistry lab, and biology labs consume various laboratory products at an alarming rate. For this reason, school principals and procurement officers are always on the lookout for lab supplies nearby. Today, we will talk about 10 reasons to choose Labkafe for school lab supply and why.

A school lab consumes various kinds of materials, like lab glassware, equipment, chemicals, support items, and so on. All of these have certain quality standards ‒ you can’t just buy something off the street and expect good results. For example, the reagents you use in your chemistry and biology labs come in various qualities, and almost certainly the cheaper one from the street is little more than colored water. This is why you need a trustworthy laboratory item vendor like Labkafe.

10 Reasons to choose Labkafe for School Lab Supply

1. Nationally and Internationally Certified

Labkafe, the company and its products and services are recognized by many top-tier national and international quality control organizations like the ISO, BIS, SEFA, NABL, GreenGuard, and lots more. These certificates enable you to recognize our brand and products as the very best quality available in the Indian market. When you buy from Labkafe, you can rest assured that your goods are durable, will give good results and you have gotten your money’s worth.

2. Over 1500 Satisfied Customers

Ever since its inception in 2015, Labkafe has been steadily supplying  lab furniture lab equipment , and  lab consumables . We have come far wading through a mass of customers, over fifteen hundred in number in these short seven years. We have left footprints all over India in every state, even overseas, and we connect to resellers to supply even foreign schools and colleges. And you know what? None of these customers have ever turned their backs on us!

3. Prestigious Customers Everywhere

We do not discriminate among customers ‒ everyone is the same with us. Yet, we are proud to have served a large number of high-profile clientele. We have belted in government schools like APSs, JNVs, KVs, and Sainik Schools. We have worked with prestigious colleges and universities like IITs and NITs. We have supplied scientific celebrity organizations like DRDO and ONGC. And we enjoy the patronage of a lot of well-known private institutes like Techno India and Don Bosco. With a portfolio full of such prestigious accounts, we have little if any competition.

4. Strong Presence on GeM

As you may know, government organizations are compelled to procure lab supplies only from the  Government e-Marketplace . And Labkafe is like a beacon there, a  registered OEM on GeM . Present as Orientallabs Retail Services Pvt Ltd in the GeM portal, we provide the best prices and pass every specification check, winning bid after bid. And you know, you can trust who GeM trusts.

5. Fully Customized Lab Design ‒ For Free

Labkafe is famous for our custom lab solutions! Unlike other suppliers, we do not force you to match with our products ‒ instead, we adapt to your requirements. Our engineers will visit your facility and take note of your existing infrastructure. Then we will bring up a plan in 2D and 3D as fits, to show you how your lab could be. You can then customize it at your heart’s content. And guess what? All of this is free of cost!

6. Free Installation and Demonstration

Don’t you just hate it when they deliver the packages and it just sits there waiting for you to dirty your hands? Unlike other vendors or manufacturers, we do not forget the client after the sale is done. Our engineers and technicians will visit your site, open the packs, reconcile the delivered items to the order copy, and then install the equipment and consumables where needed. You won’t have to lift a single finger!

7. Great Warranty Values

We make it, we sell it, we fix it. Our all-encompassing warranty gives you full protection from any accidental damages and other unforeseen quality issues that may arise. We will respect your every concern and we will try to fix any problems with our products. All our products come with ironclad warranty clauses in agreement with all business laws.

8. Awesome Aftersales Support

We pride ourselves on serving our customers faithfully! Our aftersales support team will listen to your every concern patiently and offer solutions that are dependable and minimum hassle. We remember and serve our customers even years after the warranty period, since we know the value of goodwill. 

9. Full Technical Assistance

Procuring school lab supplies can be a complicated thing, especially if you have to do it through GeM. Don’t worry! Our experts will be with you from start to finish, hand-holding you through every step of the procurement procedure. We will prepare all documentation for you, provide remote assistance through Anydesk, and make the whole process smooth and silky for you ‒ on or off GeM.

10. Doorstep Delivery at Any Pincode

That’s right, we deliver anywhere! No longer will you have to suffer handling half of the logistics yourself ‒ we will do it no matter wherever you are in India. We have served schools and institutes in the remotest locations, working through the worst kind of situations. We have delivered perfectly intact lab solutions to customers through landslides, political turmoil, storms, and droughts, day or night, at borders and on icy roads. You cannot depend upon the weather forecast ‒ but you can depend on our delivery truck.

To Pack It Up

All those proud services and excellence, and yet we managed to keep our prices down. This is possible because our vision, which is to see every child have access to affordable laboratory education, is priceless! Our NIT-alumni-founded company is doing more than just business ‒ it is changing the very backbone of educational infrastructure in India. 

We wish to become the face of practical education in the country, to become a story, a name to swear by. Come, join the movement! Add your school or institution to the list of future-proof labs. Be a part of tomorrow!

About Us

Labkafe is among the most promising laboratory supplies vendors in India. We manufacture and supply lab equipment, lab furniture, lab consumables, lab glassware, lab machines and more! Not only we manufacture lab items, we export to international resellers too. We fulfill CBSE ICSE ISC IGCSE IB State board affiliation requirements for schools by providing affiliation packages to schools. Our featured products are:

  • Lab furniture and lab setup
  • Lab equipment packages
    • Physics lab equipment package
    • Chemistry lab equipment list
    • Biology lab equipment and models
    • Math lab package
    • Geography lab equipment and furniture
    • Pharmacy lab equipment list and glassware
  • Laboratory consumables for bio/chem labs
  • Laboratory machines and instruments ‒ stirrers, hot plates, precision balances, test kits, pH meters, water bath, incubator, microscopes, etc.

Chosen by over 1200 schools, colleges, universities, research labs, government agencies and private companies to build or renovate their laboratories, Labkafe stands as your best friend when it comes to labs. We are also a registered OEM on GeM. Our clients love us because we provide the best quality of lab products, free demos, free installation, and support for ever.

Do you wish to experience excellence too? Why not contact us today at [email protected], or call 9147163562 directly ‒ we are always available to serve. You can also use the chat button in the corner to connect to one of our representatives instantly!

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