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Common reseller challenges and solutions for them provided by Labkafe

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Nov 24, 2021 / By Swarna Karmakar / in Company Execution

8 Common Reseller Challenges and Their Solutions


The modern laboratory furniture and equipment market is quite competitive. To survive in it, resellers and distributors must utilize every edge possible. Today, let us look at the most common reseller challenges and their solutions provided by Labkafe. These issues are faced by most lab supplies dealers today and we are committed to helping out our business partners to reduce or clear them.

The times have changed the reselling landscape a lot since the beginning of corporate trade. The simplest definition of a reseller consists of buying from an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) at a less-than-market cost, and then selling it at market value to the end-user. This difference in the price margin is what dictates the profits of the reseller. 

Common Reseller Challenges

But the life of a reseller is not easy. There are multiple hurdles before a lab supplies dealer or supplier that they have to overcome in order to make successful sales. Many of those issues come directly out of the OEM’s unsupportiveness. At Labkafe, we understand that. And so we take care of our reseller’s most pressing concerns, unlike most other lab equipment manufacturers.

Let us go through how we can help you. 

1. Competitive Prices

As a lab equipment supplier, the one thing always seems to be hounding you is the prices of the goods. As you know well, laboratory supplies do not come cheap. How can you buy low and sell high enough to maintain your profit margin? The OEM has its own profit to take care of and the buyer simply won’t buy from you if they can’t reach up to your prices.

Best competitive prices for Labkafe wares

Labkafe understands this. We want our resellers to earn substantial margins from selling our products. We want you to achieve your financial dreams! For this, we offer some of the highest profit margins in the industry. This creates the most attractive offers for budding and aspiring entrepreneurs.

2. Doorstep Delivery

Getting products from the manufacturer to the buyer has given most lab supplies resellers the worst headaches, right? There’s packing and protection, logistical challenges, high transport costs, government norms and permissions, and so on to take care of. Not to mention mishaps and delays on the road.

Labkafe gives free doorstep delivery

It seems heartless that most manufacturers, even after knowing this, do not do anything about it, turning a blind eye and being greedy with their profits. Not so with Labkafe! We take the total load off your shoulders (pun intended) by handling lab equipment and furniture deliveries ourselves. Yes, that’s right! When you become a reseller with Labkafe, you will never have to worry about deliveries ‒ at all. We do end-to-end doorstep deliveries, covering all pin codes. 

3. Installation

Okay, maybe you can get things delivered to the client somehow ‒ but what about unpacking and setting up the lab furniture and equipment? Most manufacturers simply don’t care ‒ once they have made the sale, all the worry is on your shoulder. If you don’t have the infrastructure to do it yourself (chances are you won’t) ‒ then the issue of unboxing and setting up falls completely on the buyer. Do you think they will like it? They will hate you for this, take that for granted!

Labkafe offers installation support

 So, what’s the solution for this reseller challenge? Labkafe is unique among Indian laboratory supplies OEM’s for this reason ‒ we perform unpacking, installation, and even demonstration of the items you bought from us and sold. All you have to do is tell us where ‒ and we will rush there! We take care of these pains so that our business partners don’t have to.

4. Government e-Marketplace

Selling to government institutions? Then you must have been roadblocked by GeM more often than not. First off, govt. Agencies now have to procure from GeM in most cases and they are even preferring to do so anyway. However, GeM is a quite complicated place and doesn’t simply allow anybody to jump on the wagon. So, how do you sell to buyers procuring from GeM only?

Labkafe is on GeM

Labkafe is placed uniquely to help out lab equipment dealers. We are a registered OEM on GeM! Enroll in our partner program and we will help you get onto GeM. We can authorize you to sell our wares on the government ecommerce portal , and we can also help you take care of all the formalities that GeM so often requires.

5. Documentation

We all know that selling expensive and delicate laboratory equipment packages is nothing like peddling samosas. More often than not there will be an extensive amount of paperwork involved. For the budding entrepreneurs, that can be a most befuddling process, what with all the bids and bills of quantity and tenders and permissions and whatnot!

Lots of documents

Don’t increase your blood pressure over it. Labkafe is manned by an experienced crew and we will be happy to take care of most of the paperwork for you. We know all the nooks and crannies of the educational landscape and we can wrangle up bids and tenders and technical documents like magic! Try us and see for yourself.

6. Certification and Credentials

What you are selling is more important than how you are selling it, and the reputation of the brand comes before price or any other consideration. That’s one of the prime concerns of a reseller ‒ which of the OEMs to choose to sell in the same category? Who can be the most trustworthy?

Person Holding Diploma

 Let us tell you about Labkafe. We are decorated by a bucketload of credentials and certificates. Four ISO certificates, CE and EN certifications, recognition and authorization by SEFA, BIFMA, GreenGuard, MSME, StartupIndia and more ‒ how many lab equipment and furniture manufacturers can show such an impressive resume? You judge yourself.

7. Brand Awareness

Parallel to the above point, why do you think Labkafe is so successful already? Just having a good resume doesn’t matter ‒ you need to know how to market it. You cannot sell a dead brand; everybody knows that. So, how can Labkafe help you in this?

Distillery Laboratory


Labkafe has a robust marketing backbone supporting multiple levels of awareness. We consistently try to reach out and connect to our customer base to strengthen our position in people’s hearts. Labkafe’s global awareness stratagem is poised to make a splash in the international market as well, leaving our door open for foreign market suppliers. What’s more, we can provide you with creatives that you can circulate in your own network; spreading the word.

8. Stock Management

This is a business where keeping products in stock is a big problem. Limited space to store the goods, concerns about the safety of the products, weather issues, problems with perishable material ‒ all are major concerns in this scenario. You can’t really expect to keep all the products on the science lab equipment list, can you?

Men Going Around a Warehouse

 What can we do about it? Labkafe operates with a completely zero-stock policy for our resellers. That’s right, you won’t have to keep anything in stock to do business with us! We provide end-to-end delivery and installation, helping you to focus on selling rather than inventory management.

Wrapping Up

In today’s highly competitive market of school supplies, a reseller has to manipulate every angle they can in order to get ahead. From brand awareness to product installation, Labkafe provides direct support to our resellers. The benefits of partnering up with us will keep serving you year after year. We can both grow from our joint work ‒ serving students across the country and beyond!

Contact us at +91-9007218364 for any queries.

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