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Use lab wallpapers to beautify your laboratory | Lab Decor Guide by Labkafe

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Nov 29, 2021 / By Swarna Karmakar / in Product Execution

Lab Wallpapers ‒ Brighten Up Your Lab Workspace

Have you ever wondered if your laboratory could look better than the bland, stiff place it is? It doesn’t have to be like that. What if you added some bright colors and some nice lab wallpapers to the lab walls? That would instantly change the whole mood of your practical room.

Few people think of a laboratory as a place of fun and enjoyment ‒ except those who find bliss in the experiments themselves. But Not all people are like that. Indeed, the practical section of the syllabus can be daunting to most students. A smelly old dark lab is not, repeat NOT a place of teaching!

composite lab wallpaper labkafe

So, how about slapping some bright, attractive wallpapers on the walls to brighten up the workspace? Laboratory wall decor is one of the very underrated art few indulge in. Of course, placing art in a room of science doesn’t seem to make sense at first ‒ but when you do it correctly, it becomes as delicious as a tropical cuisine, balancing opposite tastes beautifully.

However, that is easily said than done. Choosing a lab wallpaper is not a matter of joke and it takes some degree of patience and imagination. You need to mind the impact and the message it conveys to your pupils. Kids do love some bright colors and squiggly funny designs ‒ but the wallpaper or lab wall art needs to be bang on topic as well.

Remember These When Installing Lab Wallpaper

Start at the beginning

It is best to plan your lab space at the very beginning ‒ when you are constructing it. If it is a rental place, then you will be at least whitewashing the place, right? Imagine your completed lab at that time. At the time of design, carefully consider one wall you would want to keep mostly empty, very visible. This is the wall where the lab wallpaper will be installed.

physics lab wallpaper labkafe

In fact, Labkafe wallpapers are unique since they can be mounted on not only walls but also on the faces of the lab furniture . Turn that bland full-height cabinet face into a fun stress-free zone with some good wallpaper! Kids will love it when your lab furniture are wearing diagrams or formulas.

Take multiple choices

Don’t be stuck with one idea only. There have to be multiple options to choose from. Ask your lab setup supplier to provide multiple ideas for your chosen lab wall. Labkafe generally provides 3D models of the proposed lab design, so that you can see your lab almost in reality before it is built.

Think of the future

You would do well to think long term before installing your lab wallpapers. Would you like to change the wallpaper later? Maybe you’d like them to be placed elsewhere? These matters will factor a lot in your laboratory wall decor. If you want to change your wallpaper later, we can easily do it with the help of a heat gun.

chemistry lab wallpaper labkafe

Prime your wall

A proper lab wallpaper won’t get on any old surface. You have to prepare the wall for it. Make sure you prepare your wall with at least one coat of primer (or POP) before you apply the wallpaper. This is true for pretty much any wallpaper usage, not only in laboratories.

Mind the material

Take care ‒ lab wallpapers are not what you would generally expect as common wallpapers. Normal wallpapers used in domestic dwellings are made of actual paper ‒ woven or non-woven. Or they can be made from types of cloth. However, Labkafe’s laboratory wallpapers are very different. They are made from Eco-solvent vinyl with high-resolution print. 

biology lab wallpaper labkafe

There are multiple advantages of using this material on your lab walls. First of all, in a laboratory, the wall surfaces are highly susceptible to various kinds of damages ‒ scratches by kids or bumped by instruments, some chemical splashes, decomposition due to pungent fumes, and whatnot. This special vinyl resists a lot of those issues, going the distance with your lab. Cherry on top, they look the coolest and don’t cost as high too!

Pasting Method

You have three options to choose from when your lab setup supplier asks what kind of pasting method you want. They all have different usage and quality and price, so pay attention here.

  1. With Glue: This is the cheapest and most common option, but the least durable as well. With time and corrosive effects, the glue tends to deteriorate and decompose, and the wallpaper may start peeling off as a result.
  2. Self-adhesive: This is the best option by and large since you can stick it on any good surface. It costs slightly more than the previous but it’s well worth the buck. 
  3. Sun Board: If your wall surface is not good, or can get soaked, then you have to use this option only. In this setup, we paste the wallpaper on a 3mm ‒ 5mm composite material board for extra protection, then we mount it on the wall. 

biology lab wallpaper labkafe

So, what are you waiting for? Decorate your lab space wall with some cute and bright wallpaper options today! Labkafe has a number of great wallpapers for various types of laboratories, for example, composite labs, physics labs, biology labs, chemistry labs, etc. These wallpapers are great for students in classes up to XII. Even your faculties will love such a bright and inspiring lab getup!

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