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Jul 23, 2021 / By Ashish Bharadwaj / in Product

"Picture can speak a thousand words"

If not then it surely helps a lot in other words being said to explain it. This saying perfectly encompasses the intent of smart class learning. Our cognitive skills are better suited to information presented in forms of images. They build upon the concepts taught vocally and textually. Imagine a student that has just read about DNA. Now she knows the different components that form a typical DNA helical structure but at the same time if she can see an animation where these four cytosine [C], guanine [G], adenine [A] or thymine [T] form a nucleotide which then forms polynucleotide (one of the two strands of helical structure, their bonds forming and how these individual nucleobases are different. Will it not enrich her learning of the things taught before? Also, animated images will hold her attention longer. To sum up what just happened is that extent of learning was far more enriching, interesting and was well beyond the scope of textbooks.

Above scenario is one of many situations that can benefit from Smart Class, making it need of the hour.


  • Interactive

With digital education, classroom teachings have become more fun and interactive. Children tend to be more attentive. They are not only listening but also viewing it on the screen which makes their learning all the more effective. Here, sounds and visuals go hand-in-hand which is easy for the child to grasp.

  • Textbook syllabus gets out-dated so quickly

Outlining a board syllabus takes a lot of time. Add to it the time taken to aggregate content, few rounds of editing them & getting approval and printing them. It will take quite a lot of time, right?

To be at par with latest developments of the world, smart class enables learning well beyond the limitations of the book by leveraging content digitally from video tutorials or from the internet that can be shared with the entire class at the same time.

  • Do it yourself learning

Practical or Do It Yourself learning is more effective than textbook-based learning. Concepts are put to test and students retain the learning for a longer time.

  • Save the classroom collaborative work

Interactive Whiteboard, one of the Smart Class equipment, allows the user to show images, play videos, search internet etc. In addition to it, it can also be used as blackboard where one can write notes, edit them and save it for later display. Saving the work will ease the pressure of notes taking in class and will allow students to concentrate on things being taught. Also, to say the least, if not daily notes then important topics can be shared via a digital method. 

  • Learn at one's own pace

Also, nowadays, online study materials are easily available. Even if the entire education system is not digitalized, yet students can leverage the power of digital content depending upon their capabilities. So students can access exclusive online study modules of various subjects, which help them to enhance their knowledge even without a teacher.

  • Fair chance to every student

Different students learn at a different pace. Brighter students studying involves reading syllabus prescribed textbooks, going to the library for other related books, surfing the internet to find relevant content and so on. The average student does go the extra mile. They struggle and confine themselves with taught class notes and re-reading textbooks. With knowledge no longer bound in the textbook, images and videos will pave a way to clearer and quicker understanding of subject matter giving them fair chance in learning hierarchy.


A Smart Class consists of audio and video sources which get processed and be displayed on screen and speakers.


Smart Class equipment comes with a range of options. Some equipment serve multiple roles in this flow e.g. they have inbuilt microphone & speakers taking care of entire audio channel while some of them doesn’t require a projector and can directly display content either via CD, pen drive or through the internet. The entire range can be divided into five categories shown below.


At Labkafe, we have assorted individual equipment into fully functional ready to install packages. They are designed to meet specific room requirements as well as is cost-effective. They are as follows

  1. Classic Package
  2. Popular Package
  3. Compact Package
  4. Basic Package


The classic package comprises of a Digital Podium connected to a Long Throw Projector displaying content onto insta-lock projection screen fixed on a wall. The Digital podium comes with:

  1. Visual Presenter capable of displaying both text and video content
  2. Interactive Touch Display which can be used to click and/or highlight using a finger or a dummy pen
  3. One Gooseneck microphone, one wireless microphone and one collar microphone for effortless communication
  4. Inbuilt 120 WattsAmplifier speaker

All these above mentioned equipment enables the presenter to manage the content with ease whilst communicating with the audience.


Popular package contains a Power Podium and Visual Presenter connected to a Long/Short Throw Projector displaying content onto Interactive White Board fixed on a wall.

Visual Presenter as mentioned earlier is capable of displaying both text and video content. Power Podium comes with one Gooseneck microphone and two wireless microphones so that a person can talk both from the fixed podium as well as move around.

Interactive White Board receives data from Short Throw Projector. Interactive White board has the added advantage of being touch sensitive meaning it can be used to navigate content (like we do in our mobile phones) as well as to highlight important parts of displayed content using a finger or a dummy pen.


The compact package comprises a Smart Digital Console (SDC) connected to a Long/Short Throw Projector displaying content onto Interactive White Board (IWB) fixed on a wall. There’s also Green Board that’ll be fixed next to IWB.

SDC comes with:

  1. Document Camera capable of displaying images/pdfs etc.
  2. Inbuilt CPU
  3. Keyboard
  4. Speaker

They are all present in a wall mounted cabinet. SDC is then connected to either a Long or Short Throw Projector that displays onto IWB. The Green Board fixed next to it can be used to elaborate the discussion points further.


The basic package as the name suggests is the simplest assortment that can be called as a Smart Class. It has a Short Throw Projector that displays content onto an Interactive White Board (IWB) fixed on a wall.

These packages are designed to ease institutions in their decision making and helping them lead towards a more digitized and collaborative education benefiting both the students as well as teachers.







If you are thinking of seting up smart classroom or want to upgrade your existing smart class, do mail us at [email protected] or call us at +91 8763008753 and we’ll get in touch with you. Also, you can download our Smart Class catalog from here.


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