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Smart Class

Smart Class is an interactive and innovative method of stirring the motivation of learning in students. Modern technology in classes has proved to be an effective learning technique.  With its impressive audio-video aids, big projection screens, interactive whiteboards, multimedia pens, animated content and so on, teaching has become a highly efficacious process engaging the attention and participation of all. It completely replaces traditional teaching system of blackboard & chalk in the most economical way.

  • Podium


    <p>Labkafe’s digital/multimedia podium is a very useful teaching/ presentation tool which enables teachers/presenters to deliver quality content by keeping all technology at finger tips.</p>
  • Display


    <p>Imagining smart classrooms without a dynamic interactive surface is just not possible. Though more or less like traditional blackboards, interactive whiteboards/flat displays come with a fantastic range of features that add a sense of excitement and liveliness in the classroom. Students love to study with the help of vibrant pictures running in front of their eyes on a wider screen. They do not need to shove each other to get a better view of what the teacher is teaching on the board as these smart whiteboards effortlessly target a large group of people giving each a clear and proper visibility.</p>
  • Presenter


    <p>Visualiser or often termed as document camera is yet another marvellous tool that helps in projecting objects and documents on large screens. Document cameras click the pictures of the objects and then instantly project them with the help of interactive whiteboards. They are really helpful for displaying scientific diagrams and specimens where students need to understand more complex features from a clearer view.</p>
  • Projector


    <p>Projectors are one of the basic requirements of a smart class setup. BenQ uses leading-edge DLP (Digital Light Processing) Technology and is built with enduring enjoyment in mind, ensuring razor-sharp clarity, ultra-readability and true-to-life colour for years to come.</p>
  • Digital Teaching Solution

    Digital Teaching Solution

    <p>As the most advanced and new hardware solutions for smart classes, This model consists of three major components: interactive smart board, green board, and smart digital console. Smart digital console is something in which multiple items that are required for smart class setup has been bundled up in one single cabinet. The most important feature of this component is that it is a one-touch system i.e the entire system can be turned on/off and operated with this component.</p>
  • Smart Class Auxiliary

    Smart Class Auxiliary

    <p>These set of accessories aids to fulfil your Smart Class requirements covering all the edges. Based on your classrooms feasibility and suitability we provide you with the selected set of auxiliary tools.</p>
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