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DPS Barasat Lab Furniture and Equipment Setup & VR by Labkafe

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Jan 29, 2022 / By Swarna Karmakar / in Execution Company

Laboratory Setup at DPS Barasat Done By Labkafe

It feels so great and good planning and flawless execution come together to bring out a great thing, doesn’t it? Like grasslands flowering, Labkafe has recently finished setting up the laboratories at DPS Barasat. And what’s more, we went ahead and made a 360° virtual tour of the lab as well. Now you can view the lab facilities at DPS Barasat Taki Road from the comfort of your home!

DPS Barasat Virtual Tour
Enjoy a virtual tour of DPS Barasat Laboratory


The Delhi Public School Barasat, in short DPS Barasat, is one of the most prestigious schools in the region. They began their journey in one of the darkest times, in the high tide of the pandemic. Naturally, it meant virtual classes only.

About DPS Barasat School

Born on 7th April 2020, DPS Barasat has come a long way. A part of the DPS Megacity family, this school has now established itself into a truly strong position in the community. They boast a 2200-strong student capacity, with near-future room for expansion in the secondary levels up to 1200. 

Apart from standard educational capabilities, the school also has a big library, computer labs, music room, dance room, art and craft room, smart class, and toy room to help kids develop their motor skills. For entertainment and sports, the school is well-equipped with playgrounds, game rooms, tennis and badminton courts, a basketball court, and a swimming pool to boot.

The school, while short in tenure, boasts many feathers of awards and accreditations in its cap. DPS Barsat is a ranking school in North 24 Parganas as per Times of India. Also, for their exemplary performance during the pandemic situation the school has been awarded titles at the Education World India School of Eminence Awards 2021-22.

The school encourages parents to take an active part in their children’s education, and makes the learning part enjoyable for the students. As of now, the virtual classrooms of DPS Barasat are a roaring success; social distancing has not let it distance students from knowledge. 

Labkafe’s Lab Installation Work at DPS Barasat

Labkafe’s first official contact with DPS Barasat happened back in August ’21, when we got to know their requirements for the first time. Basically, they needed our CBSE Composite  Lab Furniture Package for their science laboratory for classes IX-X. We happily complied! 

DPSB’s requirements were straightforward. They would line up the laboratory walls with wall-facing lab workbenches, and fill up the central space with island-type lab tables. ( Read all about lab workbenches here. ) Some of these will have reagent racks, and some tables will have electrical raceways on top. Our engineers were happy to draw up the customized plan and it got approved quickly too.

Mr. Binay Kr. Agarwal, Director DPS Barasat had the following to say about our work, “Laboratories are the most important part of a learning process in a child’s life. Our school has been fortunate to have Labkafe providing us with the best possible Composite Science Lab and Maths Lab which gives the opportunity and encourages students to explore and experiment under a teacher’s guidance.”

“The composite laboratory combines elements of all three Physics, Chemistry, and Biology laboratories in one single room,” Mr. Agarwal adds. “Labkafe has designed in a way that the number of students conducting experiments in a session can do it hassle-free.” He also applauds how Labkafe has additionally provided all the laboratory storage solutions they would ever need in the room.

The school showed great interest in Labkafe’s activities in the  West Bengal region, and gave us the best cooperation. Within no time, it seems, our installation team was fitting up their custom lab solution in the DPS Barasat school building. The job went like clockwork without a hitch, and even when there were small organizational hiccups the Labkafe team smoothed it over.

DPS Barasat Labs Virtual Tour

Today, the composite lab at DPS Barasat stands proud, serving teams of youngsters taking their first dips in the ocean that is practical science. Labkafe has been proud to be a part of this making of tomorrow. We did it here and we will do it again.

dps barasat


We also went ahead and made a  360° virtual reality tour of DPS Barasat laboratory and grounds as well. This VR tour can show you the facilities in full HD virtual reality, with navigation from the school gate to the labs. Through this portal, you can experience what it actually feels like to stand in the state-of-the-art lab setup in this great institution. 

Game-Changing Lab Installation Work

The DPS Barasat School on Taki Road has been serving the community faithfully and now, with Labkafe’s help, they can do it even better. Labkafe’s state-of-the-art laboratory setup at the school was much appreciated by the school faculties. 

“We thank Labkafe for helping us settle the Labs,” Mr. Agarwal mentions. “The Composite lab Package mostly has covered all the experiments as per CBSE bye-laws. There are Demonstration lab models & educational charts that will be helpful for a better understanding of the topics. There are enough lab consumables (lab glassware, lab chemicals) included in the composite lab package which has been well arranged in the lab. 

“We are hopeful to continue getting support from Labkafe in increasing the number of specimens and other necessary requirements to conduct various experiments and enhance students' learning.”

Labkafe also thanks the people and management of DPS Barasat most profusely for the opportunity to serve and for their kind cooperation.

Indeed, this type of installation of modernistic laboratory furniture and equipment is not alone in DPS Barasat. Labkafe’s dream is to be instrumental in a future India where every child has access to quality practical education. And as modern educational theories say, let it begin as young as possible.

That is the very reason why Labkafe is so much into science and maths parks. Ever since the central government has made it clear that science parks, maths parks, and social science parks are to be a part of every government school, we have jumped into the matter. We are designing and installing not only school laboratories but also these educational-cum-recreational activity areas for schools. 

This is a trying era for all humans, what with the economic situation turbulent and a pandemic with no end in view. In these hard times, all children must be equipped with the proper knowledge, both theoretical and practical, to combat the life that is to face them in the coming ages. To that end, this collaboration of  Labkafe and  DPS Barsat has been a solid milestone for the people who enlist there. And Labkafe is proud to be a part of this. 

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