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CBSE is planning to conduct practical exams externally for Class 10 & 12

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Jul 23, 2021 / By Ashish Bharadwaj / in Company

In recent years CBSE schools have witnessed a lot of changes pertaining to examinations, addition of new subjects, grading system, etc. In a recent development, CBSE is planning to conduct practical examination externally just like theory papers for Class 10 & Class 12. The Board has issued a notice as well.

In the notice, dated 04/07/2019, the Board has asked all the affiliated schools to provided necessary details so as to judge the infrastructure facility available in the particular school. Based on these details, any affiliated school can be made as the examination centers for Class 10/12.

According to reports, CBSE may even introduce changes in marking system of practical examinations as well. Separate admit cards for theory and practical examinations will be issued for students.

This calls for schools to update their laboratories and meet CBSE affiliation requirements. According to CBSE affiliation bylaws (Oct 2018), a lab be it composite for secondary and/or separate Physics, Chemistry and Biology for higher secondary has to be a minimum 600 square feet. Also, it should be fully equipped with lab equipment, glassware, chemicals, etc for conducting all the experiment mandated in the syllabus.


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