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Apr 21, 2022 / By Swarna Karmakar / in Product Physics Equipment

List of TSBIE Physics Lab Practicals for Telangana Intermediate Level

 For this year, the Telangana intermediate board exams are over, but students need to prepare for the next year and teachers need to complete the syllabus as well. For this reason, we have brought you the TSBIE physics practical syllabus in its full and undeleted form. Both students and teachers can benefit from this list of TSBIE physics lab practical from which you can know which laboratory experiments and observations have you completed and which you still need to go for.

The intermediate education system in the state of Telangana is overseen by the Telangana State Board of Intermediate Education, or TSBIE in short. You can find the Telangana board online website here ‒  https://tsbie.cgg.gov.in/home.do ‒ and this is where you can find all the official notifications.

TSBIE Physics Lab Practicals
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The TSBIE physics practical syllabus helps Telangana board inter students to achieve practical skills through hands-on learning of science. It promotes understanding of how the laws of physics apply to everyday life, and enhances their problem-solving skills. Some schools may not choose to complete the TSBIE physics practical curriculum, that is why you should go through this list and figure out what you have missed. Because, in your later career, each and every skill earned from these experiments and observations are going to come in handy.

TSBIE Physics Practicals List for Inter Year 1 (Class 11)

  1. Vernier caliper experiment:
    1.     For measuring the diameter of a small cylindrical or spherical object
    2.     For measuring the density of an object of a given mass 
  2. To measure the volume of a given beaker or calorimeter ‒ to do this, you will have to find the internal diameter of the given hollow object using the vernier.
  3. Screw gauge experiment:
    1.     Measure the thickness of a wire (diameter)
    2.     Measure the thickness of a sheet
    3.     Measure the volume of an irregularly shaped object (lamina)
  4. Pendulum experiment:
    1.     Plot L-T and L-T2 graphs.
    2.     From these graphs, find the effective length of a seconds pendulum.
  5. Parallelogram experiment:
    1.     Find the weight of an object using the law of vectors.
  6. Determine the force constant and effective mass of a helical spring in oscillation with a T2 vs m graph.
  7. Boyle’s Law: Plot P-V and P-1/V graphs for some air at a constant temperature.
  8. Specific heat experiment:
    1.     Find out the specific heat of a given solid by mixture method
    2.     Find out the specific heat of a given liquid by mixture method
  9. To Determine the Mass of two Different Objects Using a Beam Balance/physical balance
  10. To Determine The Surface Tension Of Water By Capillary Rise Method
  11. Demonstrate the effect of heat on a liquid (expansion).
TSBIE Physics Lab Practicals 1
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TSBIE Physics Practicals List for Inter Year 2 (Class 12)

  1. Velocity of sound ‒ Resonance tube apparatus experiment; determine the speed of sound at room temperature (using two-resonance positions).
  2. Determine the focal length of a convex lens using an optical bench.
  3. Plot a graph between angle of incidence and angle of deviation on a prism and hence find its minimum angle of deviation.
  4. Meter bridge experiment: Find out the resistance of a given wire and specific resistance of its material ‒ for Resistance in series and Resistance in parallel (laws of combination)
  5. To draw the lines of force of the combined magnetic field due to the bar magnet and the Earth’s magnetic field and locate the null points.
  6. Study the dependence of potential difference (V) across a resistor on the current (I) passing through it and determine its resistance. (Ohm’s Law)
  7. Plot the I-V curve for a pn junction diode in forward and reverse bias.
  8. To find the value of v for different values of u in the case of a concave mirror and to find the focal length.
  9. To determine the horizontal component of the Earth’s magnetic field using a tangent galvanometer.
  10. To study the characteristics of an n-p-n transistor using a transistor characteristics kit.
TSBIE Physics Lab Practicals 3
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Telangana Board Inter Practicals

The above list of experiments is surely no simple task to go through. It would require some really good study, a steady hand, and a clear mind. Therefore, it really comes as a boon when you find that there are pre-configured packages available for it. Yes! Labkafe has a TSBIE Physics Lab Package which is tailored to fit the Telangana board inter level practical requirements. It is mandatory if you are looking for a Telangana board affiliation. All you need is a suitable  dry lab furniture setup and our site engineers will happily install the  lab package into your lab. 

The Telangana State Board of Intermediate Education has released the syllabus for the present year and accordingly we are publishing the physics practical syllabus for it. Some schools complete the full curriculum, but some schools do not. In that case, you can take help from the Labkafe Lab Tutorials to get guidance from lab experts who will tell you about various tips and tricks to get as much perfect result as possible. 

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