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10 Must Have Smart Class Equipment for an Enhanced Learning Experience!

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Jul 23, 2021 / By Ashish Bharadwaj / in Company

At Labkafe, we live by this idea. When we embarked on the journey of transforming educational infrastructure, it truly did seem daunting at first. We started with our focus on laboratories. Two and a half years later, we have served well over 200 institutions with many becoming our valued regular clients.

We are proud to announce that we have expanded our product offering from Laboratory Equipment further to two more sectors.

  1. Institute Furniture
  2. Digital Education 

In India, according to an MHRD report, for the year 2013the estimated studying population is 44,22,50,000 in the age group 6-23 years. Although this figure is huge, we as country lack the basic infrastructure to facilitate this ever-growing attendance. Why is it so?

The market for laboratory equipment, classrooms and other institute furniture’s is very fragmented. There is no single window to cater to all these requirements. This poses serious problems to the educational institutions as they have to individually look for reliable vendors for each and every individual requirement. After all this exercise, even if things fall in place, institutes never truly know what price to pay and whether they will get what they paid for. We at Labkafe wish to solve this problem and relieve some of this burden.

Starting with our core competency i.e. laboratory equipment, we have updated a wide array of individual equipment to choose from including branded ones like Nice, Tarson, Polylab, Borosil, etc. on our website. They have also been catalogued into packages keeping respective subject’s curriculum in mind. As of now we cover the following:

  • Composite Package covering Class VIII-X‘s Physics, Chemistry and Biology experiments
  • Physics Package coveringClass XI-XII’s experiments for CBSE, ICSE and State boards
  • Chemistry Package coveringClass XI-XII’s experiments for CBSE, ICSE and State boards
  • Biology Package coveringClass XI-XII’s experiments for CBSE, ICSE and State boards
  • Mathematics Package coveringClass XI-XII’s experiments for CBSE, ICSE and State boards
  • Pharmacy College Package coveringexperiments for both Bachelor and Master courses

We deliver within 3 weeks with full replacement of broken and faulty products, if any. We are also working on equipment installation as well as individual experiment videos which will be updated soon.




Under Institute Furniture, we cover furniture requirement of almost every room in the schools and colleges. We are at present offering the following:  

  • Class Room
  • Laboratory
  • Library
  • Executive Room
  • Conference Room
  • Auditorium
  • Hostel
  • Cafeteria

We are providing Century/Greenply make modular furniture. These are termite resistant, moisture resistant and are durable. The key feature is that modular furniture is easily customizable and can be made to suit specific room designs. Installation of furniture takes a day or two.  Ergonomic designs are made to keep students and faculty at ease and make the learning environ relaxed.

This is our order flow from order to installation:


Our in-house designing team helps our clients make an informed decision in choosing the best possible furniture layouts to specific rooms be it a lab or a library.

Specific to labs, we cover the following:

  • Composite laboratory
  • Physics laboratory
  • Chemistry laboratory
  • Biology laboratory
  • Information and Communication laboratory or Computer laboratory
  • Language laboratory

We deliver within 3 weeks of order placement and installation takes 1-2 days’ time.




Gone are those days when classroom training was restricted to textbook learning, teachers using the blackboard to explain things and students writing down notes in copies. The traditional teacher-centred methods of teaching and task-based approaches to learning focused more on making notes and memorization. However, it’s no more chalk and talk in most schools now. Classroom teaching has become more and more interactive nowadays with the advent of digital methods such as PPTs, video presentations, e-learning methods, practical demos, online training and other platforms.

With Digital Education, we offer to bring technology into classroom education. Keeping up with the ever-changing world and advances, Smart Class enables leveraging content in form of video, image etc. through internet and makes the learning experience more engaging. Along with a wide variety of hardware tools to choose from, we also provide digital content for providing a complete solution to the educational institutions. We have catalogued products into packages of various ranges to suit room requirement as well as price constraints.




With all these verticals (all possible types of rooms present in an institute), we will be providing end to end solutions. For example, for an institute there would be classes which will require seating desk and chairs, whiteboards, smart class equipment, etc.

Similarly, for the various types of rooms that we envision in an educational institute, below is the summary of various services that we provide:




LaboratoryEquipment compiled in respective subject packagesFurniture selectionDesignInstallation
Class Room-Furniture selectionDesignInstallation
Library-Furniture selectionDesignInstallation
Executive Room-Furniture selectionDesignInstallation
Conference Room-Furniture selectionDesignInstallation
Auditorium-Furniture selectionDesignInstallation
Smart ClassEquipment compiled in four packages to choose from--Installation
Cafeteria-Furniture selectionDesignInstallation


The basic working methodology goes as below:

  1. Get details of the rooms to be renovated, i.e, dimensions
  2. Get details about the number of students to be occupying that space at a given instance
  3. Any specific requirements as per the clients’ need
  4. Based on this information, we redesign the room with the respective equipments and furniture to be installed, in consultation with the institute
  5. Within a pre-decided lead time, as discussed with the client, we procure the materials and get it delivered to the site
  6. We personally supervise the installation of the equipments and make the room ready for handover to the institute

This is the gist of the services that we envision to transform the educational infrastructure in the country. We, at Labkafe, are dedicated to providing the best services in a professional manner, with a touch of personal effect, to make sure that this combined effort of the partnering institutes and us, goes a long way in building an atmosphere of comfortable and easy learning for not only the students, but also encourages their interest in the classes therein.


About Us

Labkafe is among the most promising laboratory supplies vendors in India. We manufacture and supply lab equipment, lab furniture, lab consumables, lab glassware, lab machines and more! Not only we manufacture lab items, we export to international resellers too. We fulfill CBSE ICSE ISC IGCSE IB State board affiliation requirements for schools by providing affiliation packages to schools. Our featured products are:

  • Lab furniture and lab setup
  • Lab equipment packages
    • Physics lab equipment package
    • Chemistry lab equipment list
    • Biology lab equipment and models
    • Math lab package
    • Geography lab equipment and furniture
    • Pharmacy lab equipment list and glassware
  • Laboratory consumables for bio/chem labs
  • Laboratory machines and instruments ‒ stirrers, hot plates, precision balances, test kits, pH meters, water bath, incubator, microscopes, etc.

Chosen by over 1200 schools, colleges, universities, research labs, government agencies and private companies to build or renovate their laboratories, Labkafe stands as your best friend when it comes to labs. We are also a registered OEM on GeM. Our clients love us because we provide the best quality of lab products, free demos, free installation, and support for ever.

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