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Jul 23, 2021 / By Sunil Kumar Panda / in Product

What is a Composite Lab?


The composite laboratory combines elements of all three Physics, Chemistry, and Biology laboratory in one single room. It’s mainly used in schools till class 10th.


Why is it necessary?


As Per CBSE Bye-laws, to get affiliation from the CBSE Board, the School must have a Composite Lab to conduct the Science experiments for Secondary Section.


4 Simple steps to follow to set up the composite lab

  1. Assigning of room
  2. Designing Lab furniture
  3. Installing the lab furniture
  4. Installing Lab Apparatus


  1. Assigning of Room: As Per CBSE bye-laws, the minimum size of the Composite Lab should be 600 Sqft. So, choose the room accordingly. 30 students can be accommodated with this size. If student strength is higher than 30, then a bigger room is needed. It is advised to select a room which has got good ventilation.


  1. Designing of the Lab: Designing the lab is the most important part. Please keep in mind the below points while making the design:


  1. Prepare the layout of the room accurately. The positioning of doors, windows, pillars should be clearly mentioned.
  2. Decide the number of students conducting experiments in a session
  3. Select a combination of Work stations like Wet lab Workbench for Chemistry lab & Biology lab and Dry lab Workbench for Physics lab
  4. Select Island or Wall-facing type Lab furniture Workbench as per requirement
  5. Make sure to choose the base material (MDF/CRCA) of the Lab tables (Workbench) keeping in my mind, strength, longevity, and budget
  6. Benchtop material (MDF/Granite) of the Lab tables (Workbench) to be selected keeping in my mind, strength, longevity, and budget. 18mm thick granite or 25mm thick MDF worktop is advisable.
  7. There should be enough number of base cabinets/overhead cabinets / full height cabinets to store the lab materials.
  8. One demonstration table/teacher’s table to be placed.
  9. Laying of Water and gas pipeline in the lab to be designed as required

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Below is a 2-D and 3-D lab design representation of a standard Composite Lab in a school.




3. Installation of Lab Furniture: Installing the Lab tables (Workbench) and auxiliary items as per the design is very important.

  1. Laying of Water Pipeline (Inlet & Outlet) is to be done as per the design made keeping in mind the position of lab Sinks. (Material of the pipe to be mentioned)
  2. Laying of Gas Pipeline (Inlet & Outlet) is to be done as per the design made keeping in mind the position of Cylinder Station and Bunsen Burner Points. (Material of the pipe to be mentioned)
  3. Installation of Lab Furnitures to be done as per the design.

4. Installation of Lab Equipment in a composite lab of a school: As per CBSE Curriculum, there are set of experiments mentioned that need to be carried out for Secondary Sections. Please keep in mind the below points while procuring the lab equipment for Composite Lab of a school.

  1. The Composite lab Package must cover all the experiments as per CBSE bye-laws.
  2. Demonstration lab models & educational charts must be included for a better understanding of the topics
  3. There should be enough lab consumables (lab glassware, lab chemicals) included in the composite lab package
  4. Warranty on the Lab products and technical assistance (demonstration & installation of lab equipment supplied) must be demanded.


Download the list of equipment used in the School Composite Lab Package PDF: CHECKOUT NOW



  1. http://cbse.nic.in/newsite/index.html



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