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CBSE Physics Lab Equipment Package for school (Lab Apparatus list)


Perfect for conducting all the CBSE Physics experiments for class XI-XII with all the necessary equipment. Designed by professionals, this package can be used by a class of 30 students at the same time.

This package contains a list of Physics lab equipment, Physics lab apparatus, and Physics laboratory instruments required for high school as per the CBSE syllabus.

Onsite installation and demonstration of all the Physics lab equipment and apparatus are included in the package. 

Our products are LK secured, which means all the Physics lab instruments are covered under one year of onsite warranty and technical support. Further, any damage during transit will be covered by us. 

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School Physics Laboratory: Furniture & Equipment

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Physics Lab Equipment List for class 11th and 12th school
Items Description Qty
PH 002/3 Ammeter (EDM-80) SQUARE Dial,, DC, 5 Amp 4
EI 002/2 Battery Eliminator, DC 2-12V, 2 Amp 3
Boyle's law apparatus ( Complete ) 1
C25329 Castor Oil, 500ml 2
PH 044/5 Concave Lens, Dia 75mm, F.L. 15cm 4
PH 047/2 Concave Mirror, Dia 75mm, F.L. 10cm 4
PH 053/2 Connecting Wires (500 gm) 1
PH 045/5 Convex Lens, Dia 75mm, F.L. 15cm 4
PH 046/2 Convex Mirror, Dia 75mm, F.L. 10cm 4
PH 050 Copper Calorimeter 3
PH 053/1 Copper Wire (100 gm) 1
PH 062 Daniel Cell (Complete) 2
Digital Balance, Cap 600gm, L.C. 0.1gm WENSAR Make 1
PH 072/B Drawing Board Pins (Pkt) 1
PH 072/2 Drawing Board, 16" X 23" , Soft Wood 4
Drawing Paper (Pkt of 5) 4
PH 230 Electromagnet with Transformer for Sonometer 2
PH 080 Friction Apparatus 1
PH 084/3 Galvanometer, EDM-80 Model 4
PH 087/2 Glass Prism, 50mm, Equilateral, Superior Quality 4
PH 089/1 Glass Slab, 75X50X12mm 4
PH 089/2 Glass Slab, 75X50X18mm 4
PH 145/4 Half Meter Scale, Superior Quality 4
PH 102 Hypsometer (Copper) 1
PH 103/3 Inclined Plane, 100 mm 1
PH 123 Leclanche Cell (Complete) 2
Lycopodium Powder (100 gm) 1
PH 143/1 Meter Bridge with Pencil Jockey 2
PH 145/2 Meter Scale, Superior Quality 4
PH 148/3 Milli-Ammeter, 50 mA, EDM-80 Model 4
PH 153/3 Newton Law of Cooling 1
EI 041/1 npn Transistor Characteristic Apparatus, Complete kit with four meters on Board 2
EI 027/1 Ohm's Law Apparatus 2
PH 176/2 One Way Plug Key, Brass, Superior Quality 4
PH 162/7 Optical Bench, 1 mtr long, Brass Rod, Full Shapered 2
EI 031/3 p-n Junction Characteristic Apparatus, Complete kit with four meters on board 2
PH 166/2 Paralleologram Apparatus provided with 3 slotted weights of 250 gm and 2 Z Pulleys; Stand type (Wooden) 1
PH 006/3 Physical Balance, Sunshine Make 1
PH 149/A Plane Mirror 5
PH 177 Plumb Line (Brass) 3
PH 185/3 Potentiometer, 10-wire with Pencil Jockey 2
PH 195/12 Resistance Box, 10000 ohm, Constantan Coil, Deluxe Quality 2
PH 195/9 Resistance Box, 500 ohm, Constantan Coil, Deluxe Quality 2
PH 043 Resistance Wire (Constantan Wire) 1
PH 159 Resistance Wire (Nichrome Wire) 1
PH 199 Resonance Apparatus with 25mm S.S. pipe and reservoir 1
PH 112/2 Retort Stand with Clamp, Metallic, Superior Quality 3
PH 201 Rheostat, 20 cm (High resistance ) 5
PH 207 Rising Table (Complete Setup) with capillary tube clamp and side rod attachment 1
PH 210 Rubber Pad 2
CH 054 Rubber Tubing Coil, Bore (10mm) , length 10 mtr 1
PH 213 Screw Gauge with locking arrangement, 25mm, Stainless Steel 5
PH 214/2, Searl's Apparatus (Young Modulus); Brass 2
PH 220/3 Simple Pendulum Apparatus comprising of heavy base rod & clamp, Split Cork and 1" Brass Bob with thread; Stand Type 2
PH 225/9 Slotted Weight, 250 gm: 5X50 gm; Brass 3
PH 225/10 Slotted Weight, 500 gm: 5X100 gm; Brass 3
PH 229/2 Sonometer, Teak Wood, Brass Fittings 2
CH 134/2 Specific Gravity Bottle, 50 ml 2
PH 235/1 Spherometer, Single Disc 1/100 mm, Brass 2
PH 237/2 Spirit Level, Brass, 2" 5
PH 238/2 Spring Balance, 1000gm, Tubular Acrylic 2
PH 116/2 Spring Constant Apparatus, Heavy pattern with graduated metal pipe with spiral spring of dia 25mm and 10cm long on metal base and 250gm slotted weight 1
PH 242/1 Steam Boiler, Copper, Cap 1 ltr 1
PH 244 Steel Wire (100 gm) 1
PH 262/3 Stoke's Law Viscosity Apparatus provided with 1 meter long and 35mm dia acrylic tube to fit in metal stand, Provided with Graduated Acrylic Tube (Unbreakable) 1
PH 247/3 Stop Watch, Digital, Racer Make 4
PH 251 Thermometer (Precision) 4
PH 255/1A Travelling Microscope, 2-Motion, Superior Quality 1
PH 257/3 Tunning Fork (Set of 8); Superior Quality 3
PH 176/4 Two Way Plug Key, Superior Quality 4
PH 259/2 Vernier Calliper, IME Type, 12cm, Chrome Plated 4
PH 265/3 Voltmeter, 3 V, EDM-80 Model 4
BI 051/4 Watch Glass, Dia 4" (Per Dozen) 2
PH 270/2 Weight Box, 1 to 100gm, Brass Chrome Plated 1
EI 053/1 Zener Diode Characteristic Apparatus, Complete kit with two meters on Board 2
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