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Labman LMSP-UV1000B UV- VIS. Single Beam Spectrophotometer (Basic)

  • Large LCD screen (128x64 Dots).
  • Can save and display 50 groups of data, 5 groups per screen
  • Data can be restored after a sudden power cut
  • Auto setting wavelength.
  • Automatic wavelength calibration and dark current getting.
  • Optional software can expand the applications to Kinetics and Quantitatives
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Wavelength Range 190-1100 nm
Spectral Band width 2nm
Optical System Single Beam, Grating 1200 lines / mm
Scanning, Kinetics & DNA/Protein Features Available with Software only.
Wavelength Accuracy +0.5nm
Wavelength Repeatability <0.3nm
Photometric Accuracy +0.5%T
Photometric Repeatability <0.3%T
Photometric Range -0.3-3A  ,0-200%T
Stability +0.002A/h @ 500nm
Stray Light <0.1%T @ 220nm,340nm
Output USB  & Parallel Port (Printer)
Display Graphic LCD  (128 x 64 )
Cell Holder 10mm 4 position, cuvette holder
Light Source & Detector Deuterium  Lamp & Tungsten Halogen Lamp
Power supply 220V / 50Hz
Dimension & Weight 461 x 380 x 180 mm & 18kg

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