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Lab dishes are shallow containers commonly used for culturing cells, evaporating substances, or weighing samples in a scientific setting. They may be round, square, rectangular (boat-shaped), or hexagonal in shape, depending on their application.

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▪ Reinforced and fire-polished rims reduce chipping ▪ Large labelling field for easy marking ▪ Very high chemical resistance ▪ High resistance to thermal shocks
▪ Complies with IS 2626 ▪ These Dishes are clear and withstand repeated sterilisation (wet or dry) ▪ Made of 3.3 borosilicate glass using a special manufacturing process ▪ Beaded edges impart greater mechanical...
▪ The inner surface of these Dishes has a very close flatness tolerance ▪ The accuracy of many biological assays depends on the flatness of the inside base of the Petri dish ▪ Made of soda lime glass ensuring that the...


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