Dimensional Measurement 

  • Micrometers

    The micrometer is a precision measuring instrument. Based on application there are broadly three types of micrometer, Outside micrometer, Inside micrometer & depth micrometer. Broadly there are two types of micrometer analog micrometer and digital micrometer. In analog micrometer the spindle of an ordinary metric micrometer has 2 threads per millimetre, and thus one complete revolution moves the spindle through a distance of 0.5 millimeter. Least count of simple micrometer is 0.01 mm. Some high accuracy digital micrometer have least count of 0.0001 mm. Micrometer such as Blade micrometer, tube micrometer, Ball micrometer, Dial micrometer are designed for specialized application. Featured manufacturer are Mitutoyo & Baker

  • Calipers

    This digital caliper’s stainless steel construction allows you to get metric or readings even in harsh conditions. The easy-to-read digital display allows you to measure and read fractional and decimal readings of the project quickly and easily. Features include a solar type with no battery and IP67 protection which assures waterproof reliability. This digital caliper is ideal for getting exact measurements of width and thickness due to the impact resistance of the display unit for better use in any workshop condition.

  • Dial Gauge
    Dial Gauge
  • Measuring Tapes
    Measuring Tapes
  • Layout Tools
    Layout Tools
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