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  • Turnkey Solution

    Turnkey Solution

    <p><strong>Labkafe</strong> offers a complete end to end solution to your educational infrastructure needs. With over 3 years of experience in tackling various pain points of education infrastructure, we have brought a streamlined and efficient approach to this sector. Our portfolio includes<strong> Laboratory Equipment supplies, Furniture </strong>and<strong> Digital Education solutions. </strong><br /><br />Under Turnkey Solutions we cover almost every room of your institute. Be it laboratories, classrooms, library or executive rooms to name a few. Under allied services we also do <strong>False Ceilings, Plumbing, Electrical </strong>and<strong> Raceways</strong>.</p>
  • Furniture


    <p>Choose from wide range of furniture for your laboratory, classroom, executive room, library etc. These designs are modular, ergonomic and durable. Contact us for free design quotation.</p>
  • Lab Equipment

    Lab Equipment

    <p>Complete range of quality lab equipment covering Physics, Chemistry &amp; Biology lab supplies, Glassware &amp; plasticware, chemicals, microscope &amp; accessories to choose from.</p>
  • Packages


    <p>Made by professionals, these packages cover lab equipment, smart class requirements of different curriculum. These are made keeping various curriculum and equipment funtionality in mind so that you don't have to do all the research work. They are easy to edit depending on individual requirement. </p>
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  • GeM


    <p>The government of India launched Government e-marketplace (GeM) to ease the procurement of goods and services by various central government ministries and departments. <br /><br />With 3 years of working experience with government organizations, we too have registered ourselves on GeM under our parent company name <strong>Orientallabs Retail Services Private Limited</strong>. We have <strong>over 100 products under 26 different categories</strong> available on the government's e-marketplace (GeM). They serve various domains like <strong>Laboratory furniture and equipment, Office furniture and classroom furniture</strong> to name a few.</p> <p><strong>Laboratory Equipment:</strong></p> <p>Electronic Weighing Scales (Digital Balance), pH Meter, Magnetic Stirrer, Distillation Apparatus, Dissolved Oxygen Meter, Digital Conductivity Meter, Spectrophotometer, Centrifuge, Microtome, Microscope, Ion Meter, Oscilloscope, Refractometer &amp; Vacuum Evaporator.</p> <p><strong>Laboratory Furniture:</strong></p> <p>Laboratory benches in MDF and CRCA body for both dry and wet labs, Full Height Cabinets, Overhead Cabinets, Teacher's Table, <br />Fume Hood &amp; Lab Stools.</p> <p><strong>Office Furniture:</strong></p> <p>Executive Table, Workstation, Reception table, Printer Table, Sofa, Conference table, Chairs &amp; Cabinet.</p> <p><strong>Classroom Furniture:</strong></p> <p>Bench Desk, Auditorium, Reading Table &amp; Book Case.</p>
  • Flask


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