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Lab Instruments

  • pH Meter

    pH Meter

    <p>A pH meter is an instrument that is used to measure the hydrogen-ion activity in water-based solutions, indicating its acidity or alkalinity expressed as pH. The pH meter measures the difference in electrical potential between a pH electrode and a reference electrode. The difference in electrical potential relates to the acidity or pH of the solution. The pH meter is used in many applications ranging from laboratory experimentation to quality control.</p>
  • Potentiometer


    <p>Microprocessor Potentiometer is a solid state instrument designed to provide the precise potentiometric measurements. The instrument uses the latest microcontroller technology and advanced engineering techniques so as to give enhanced accuracy and reproducibility. The system has user friendly prompts which guide you through out the measurement process. The system has 3 soft touch membrane type keys for ease of operation. he instrument have built-in stirrer and internal standard facility.</p>
  • Test Kits

    Test Kits

    <p>Water and Soil Analysis instruments are widely used for field testing of important parameters such as pH, ORP, Conductivity, TDS, Salinity, Dissolve Oxygen, Turbidity, Colorimeter and Temperature. It can also be used to find nutrients in the soil, to test the purity of drinking water and for waste water testing etc. These water and soil analysis kits are available in portable briefcase making them very convenient for field measurements.</p>
  • Spectrophotometer


    <p>A spectrophotometer is an instrument that measures the amount of light absorbed by a sample. Spectrophotometer techniques are used to measure the concentration of solutes in solution by measuring the amount of the light that is absorbed by the solution in a cuvette placed in the spectrophotometer. It comes in a range of Double Beam UV-VIS Spectrophotometer, Single Beam UV-VIS Spectrophotometers and Visible Range Spectrophotometers.</p>
  • Flame Photometer

    Flame Photometer

    <p>Flame Photometers are used for determination of Soduim, Potassium, Lithium and Calcium in blood and soil samples. Various type of Flame Photometers such as Microprocessor Based and Digital Flame photometers are available. It can be used in the medical clinical labs, soil testing labs, milk plants etc.</p>
  • Colorimeter


    <p>Microprocessor and Digital Photo Colorimeter's are the finest colorimeters that combine convenience in operation with high precision &amp; accuracy in analysis. Filter Photo Colorimeters are also available. These analog colorimeters give results in the form of %Transmission (%T), Absorbance (Abs.) High standard glass filters covering complete visible range of 400 to 700 nm are mounted on a rotating disc. Highly sensitive photo sensor and use of latest IC technology makes the instruments highly rugged, accurate &amp; economical in maintenance. A minimum sample volume of 1ml is required to carry out the analysis. Provision has been made to switch on the lamp source only when required, thereby increasing the life of the photocell. The instruments are extremely useful for quantitative estimation of several chemical substances including blood chemistries in chemical/clinical labs, pharmaceutical industries, medicine plants, water treatment plants, agriculture universities etc.</p>
  • Other Instruments

    Other Instruments

    <p>These instruments are vital in pharamacy related experiments.</p>
  • Colony Counter

    Colony Counter

    <p>Colony Counter are available in Microprocessor Based Colony Counters and Digital Colony Counters for different user needs. The Microprocessor Based Colony Counters come with in-build storage of samples, Auto averaging facility and count correction facility. Company’s colony counters are designed for quick and accurate counting of bacterial and mould colonies in petri dishes. Feature packed &amp; easy to use, this is an indispensable bench top tool for the busy microbiologist.</p>
  • Turbidity Meter

    Turbidity Meter

    <p>Turbidity Meters are the most accurate and reliable instruments available for measurement of suspended solids in the samples. Turbidity Meters are extremely useful for measurement of suspended solids in sewage water, ground water, potable water, soil analysis laboratories, fisheries, water quality control in boiler feed water, water works department, breweries, water purification plants, chemical &amp; pharmaceutical industries etc.</p>
  • TDS Meter

    TDS Meter

    <p>Total Dissolved Solids is one of the important parameters in water analysis. The Digital TDS Meters and Portable TDS Meters are highly durable and extremely useful for fast and accurate determination of Total Dissolved Solids in liquid. A high content of dissolved solids elevates the density of water, influences osmo-regulation of fresh water organisms and reduces solubility of gases thereby reducing the utility of water for drinking, irrigation and industrial purpose. The use of latest microprocessor technology makes the instrument versatile and reliable. The instrument is ideal for testing water, drinking water, waste water brine solution, sea water and soluble salts etc.</p>
  • Dissolved Oxygen Meter

    Dissolved Oxygen Meter

    <p>Dissolved Oxygen Meters or DO Meters are available in bench top Microprocessor Based DO Meters, Digital DO Meters and Portable DO Meters models. These are extremely useful in fisheries, water quality control in boiler feed water, water works department, breweries, water purification plants, chemical &amp; pharmaceutical industries etc.</p>
  • Melting Point Apparatus

    Melting Point Apparatus

    <p>The Melting point apparatus is designed to determine the melting points with high accuracy, and is supplied with a silicon oil bath with heater for heating the bath. The unit has an arrangement to hold the capillary containing the sample in uniformly heating media.</p>
  • Flocculators


    <p>Flocculator or Jar Test Apparatus is a flocculation (jar) that tests on water and effluent samples. A digital display clearly indicates the speed of the rotational stainless steel paddles, which can be varied from 25 to 250rpm. The digital timer can be set to count down from 1 to 99 minutes. After count down, the paddles stop and an alert sounds. The timer then counts up in minutes in order to measure settling time. Two pre-set programs allow routine speed and time parameters to be input and then selected by simply pressing one button. Parameters are stored in the memory and can be recalled or altered at any time. The intuitive touch sensitive keypad is totally flat for easy cleaning. It is supplied with stainless steel paddles with adjustable spaces to adjust the depth of the paddles. RPM measurement arrangement is provided.</p>
  • Polarimeter


  • Ice Flaker

    Ice Flaker

  • Magnetic Stirrer

    Magnetic Stirrer

  • Sonicator


  • Electronic Balance

    Electronic Balance



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