Labware & Glassware 

  • Beakers

    Beakers are widely used in research, industry and education. They are ideal for heating, because of the optimum balance between thermal resistance and mechanical strength due to controlled wall thickness at sides, radius and bottom. The spouts wherever incorporated are designed to have excellent pouring characteristics.

  • Lab Bottles & Jars
    Lab Bottles & Jars

    Since the Aspirator, Reagent and Solution bottles are not used for direct heating purposes they are made mechanically stronger with heavier wall thickness and these can withstand wet or dry sterilisation. Due to excellent chemical durability of the glass, most reagents can be stored in these bottles without much effect for long durations. Plain neck Solution Bottles and Centrifuge Bottles are tooled for uniform rubber stopper fit. Roux Bottles, Milk Dilution Bottles are widely used for culture growth, and they have flat surfaces.

  • Burettes
  • Condensers

    Condensers are offered to meet the wide usage of condensers in laboratories for distillation or reflux operations. Condensers should be chosen carefully with regard for distillation rates, reflux rates, and temperature gradients

  • Cylinders

    Measuring cylinders serve simultaneously to receive and measure different amounts of liquids.

  • Desiccators
  • Lab Dishes
    Lab Dishes

    Dishes are for varied needs - crystallizing, evaporating, drying, storing and petri dishes for culture, assay and micro-biological work.

  • Lab Apparatus & Support
    Lab Apparatus & Support
  • Pipettes
  • Lab Flasks
    Lab Flasks

    All laboratories must be equipped with flasks of different types. We offer a wide range of flasks, boiling, culture, distilling, erlenmeyer, filtering, iodine and kjeldahl - for a variety of applications to meet customer's requirements

  • Lab Funnels
    Lab Funnels

    Funnels may be used to separate solids from liquids, liquids from liquids and occasionally for pouring something into a container

  • Lab Tubes
    Lab Tubes
  • Lab Quartz ware
    Lab Quartz ware
  • Other Glassware
    Other Glassware
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